1. • The last couple of years, I’ve been lucky to explore around Australia, each adventure was amazing, I’ve photographed each of them, and so happy that we recorded them too. Buying a GoPro was officially a brilliant idea !

    Can’t wait for our next adventure, starting next Wednesday ! I’ll share sneak peaks of it via Instagram ( cecilearmand_com ) and sorted it all out in Perth to share it with you ! Exiiiiiiiiited 

  2. • Went to my partner’s cousin 21st last weekend, her mum asked me to take some pictures for the occasion.. I was really happy with all those lights & crazy costumes in honor of Dali & the surrealism !!! Magically beautiful !!! 

  3. • Because she’ll never get old..  Notre-Dame de Paris, Septembre 2013

  4.  Near Flinders, there is a place called the “blow hole”, we haven’t seen the hole blowed but the waves were spectacular, the cold morning makes me feel like in Brittany and the sand looked like a little galaxy …

  5.  Last week-end, around the Mornington National Park, we walked through this fern tree fields, with a little morning fog. Quiet magical atmosphere there..

  7.  Absolutely love spending time at the Royal Botanic Garden of Melbourne, every time I went there it was totally different colors, atmosphere & smell.

    I love looking closer to nature and see this micro society whack going on .. I think it’s just magical. 

  8.  My mom arrived last week for my birthday ! I took her around Melbourne. Can’t stop discovering stuff in this beautiful city !

  9.  Went to see The Murlocs yesterday, what an awesome band, just cool kids playing really good beats, click on the links & play them out loud ! You gonna love it, I promise.


  10.  Road trip to the high country.

    As often as we can my partner & I go on little adventure, sweet escapes from the busy city life.

    The forest air has this magic smell that transport you around.

    Discovering places and exploring is something to open your mind and senses, something that make you feel alive, real.

  11.  We went for a hike, walked around beautiful forest scenery & cross the path of a monitor lizard. First I thought it was a dangerous australian creature, but it was really calm and probably scared of us as it went to hide on the tree.

    Bunyip State Park, Victoria, Australia.

  12.  ”I accept that all photography is voyeuristic and exploitative, and obviously I live with my own guilt and conscience. It’s part of the test and I don’t have a problem with it. ” (Martin Parr)

    film photography, Mount Martha, December 2013

  13.  One of the most beautiful and magical country I’ve been, small on the map but so much to do and see. Went from Auckland to Christchurch, felt in love with all the different landscape, and the new zealander are so far the kindest people !

    More photos on the website www.cecilearmand.com

    New Zealand road trip, June-July 2013

  14.  Australia is full of different scenery and surprise, those rock pools by the ocean was an amazing place to go !

  15.  There is something absolutely magical about nature that attract my eyes, makes me wonder how it all work. Sometimes you just need to stop, put everything down, contemplate the beauty.